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The Asus ZenFone AR is a really nice looking device. Although we certainly seen better stylish phones than this, I still like the leather-like Charcoal Black finish at the back and the diamond-cut metal frame make the phone look slick and modern.

The leatherette finish should feel really comfortable to hold with nice tactile feeling, especially when holding the phone for a long period of time when speaking or using it for its Google Tango augmented reality experiences. I love the embossed Asus and Tango logs at the back and I also liked how the comfy texturized back contrasts the high-techy looks of the augmented reality TriCam System compartment, it looks really nice.

Asus ZenFone AR leather-like finish Charcoal black

The ZenFone AR looks better on the back than the front. The front is nothing out of the ordinary, and I think it would have been much better if we could get this phone in different color backs, like in leather brown and some brighter colors. I treat this phone like a mini mobile gaming console, because it packs both Tango and Daydream on the same device and it would certainly fit the phone to be offered in fresh bright colors, rather than just black. Maybe Asus will release more colors in the future, but for now that's what we have.

With this type of textured back, you also don't need to worry about fingerprints and there are not reflections, which is how I prefer the back of the phone to look like. It much better looking than the back of the G4 with no ugly stitches and stuff and the leather-like finish just blends much better with the metallic chassis - really nice looking phone.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Design' category and #15 among all categories for Asus ZenFone AR device

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