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As of the moment, there aren't aren't a lot of of apps and games available for Google Tango. Of course Tango needs to start somewhere, and with Lenovo Phab 2 Pro being the first device to support Tango apps but being not that impressive smartphone in general, it was just a matter of time until we would get to see a second more powerful device, and this is the Asus ZenFone AR.

The importance of the Asus ZenFone AR is that consumers saw the Phab2 Pro more like an experimental device, ad now with the ZenFone AR, things look much more serious. It's a more powerful phone, and with its support for Daydream, you no longer need to compromise on features or high-quality mobile VR anymore, you can enjoy all those.

I wanted to buy the Lenovo Phab2 Pro for its Tango AR capabilities, but I knew that it's lacking in other parts. I also was aware that there is little content right now for Tango. You can check out these experiments and tools here and see the available featured apps for Tango on Google Play here. As you can see, there aren't really a lot of apps and games for it. Like many other consumers, I hope that we get to see much more games for Tango after CES 2017. Many developers actually want to take advantage of this early stages of this technologies to make a name for themselves in the mobile AR industry and it's easier to get the media attention where there are still only few Tango apps and games available for the platform.

The problem that developers are facing now is that they can't really be profitable because there we'll be only few handsets that support the platform. The same was with VR when it just started and still many companies find it hard to make profit in VR. I think that Pokemon Go was one of the AR games that was very successful because people needn't invest in a special device. Of course it was really a very simplistic AR experience, because the image was just put in the middle of the projected scene, but it did show developers how popular augmented reality games can be. I think that people still wait for good content before investing in a device. You just don't buy a Tango-enabled smartphone just because it features a new technology, you want a lot of content to be available for it.

The good news is that the Asus ZenFone AR has much better potential, because even if there are only few AR apps for it, you can still enjoy playing Daydream VR games and have a powerful phone regardless of the Tango augmented reality features. So this is a big advantage compared to the Lenovo Phab2 Pro.

I really want to get my hands on the ZenFone AR because I want to experience this technology now, but for other people I suggest to wait until at least some high-quality games come out for this platform. However, if you are into VR games, movies and apps and want to try Daydream VR, the ZenFone AR can certainly fit the bill. We know more about the phone when it will be officially announced in CES2017 and how many new apps will be announced for Tango.

As of the time of writing, I think it's still more like an experimental technology, although it's available commercially, it's still need to be improved and get much more content. I am not talking in its hundreds, but we should have at least like 100 apps and games with at least 10 high-quality games for it so it will be worth the investment. Without AR, the ZenFone AR would be less interesting compared to the many amazing high-end smartphone that we are going to see in Q1 of 2017. I just hope that there will also be more Tango device other than the ZenFone AR and Phab2 Pro, so those phones will be more attractive and people will buy them regardless of their AR capabilities, but because of this, more people will own a Tango-enabled device and help the Tango market expand itself in 2017 in a greater pace.

I also recommend following this page on which is updated on a daily basis with the latest Tango AR games and also the latest and upcoming virtual reality games for all platforms, including Google Daydream among others.

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  • I agree, and I see there is very little hype on this new technology, like people aren't that excited to put their hands on a Tango-enabled mobile phone. VR had much more hype and people just jumped over this technology. I think it's indeed because of the lack of title for this platform. I don't see it striving in 2017 because those devices are still expensive, and I think that if you are already investing a few hundreds dollars on a phone, you better off buying the new iPhone 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8. Who knows, maybe those phones will come with Tango as well - but I doubt it.
  • Usually what happens with these technologies, like in VR for example, is that the platform owner partners with developers and subside or help to promote their title. I don't know why for some reason Google, which is the developer of this technology, didn't partner with many companies to release Tango with at least 50 titles. It works wonderfully for PlayStation VR, and I'm sure that if people saw that there are at least a good range of good games for it, they would be more encouraged to buy the ZenFone AR phone - that's why I think.