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One of the best emerging technologies in last couple of years is definitely augmented reality and virtual reality, and those both technologies has proven itself in the gaming industry. These two technologies will continue to evolve and conquer the gaming industry in 2017 and beyond. The Asus ZenFone AR is the first phone ever the allows you to play Tango and Daydream game on the same device.

There are many resource where you can find information about the available Tango and Daydream games for your brand new Asus ZenFone AR. I personally recommend visiting in the Tango AR games and Daydream VR games categories. Just keep in mind that there aren't many games at the moment, especially for Google Tango, because it's a new technology and many developers probably preferred to wait and see the market grows a bit before they invest time in any development for this new AR platform. For Daydream you can find more games and even some high-quality titles because it's a more mature platform.

Playing AR and VR games just makes the Asus ZenFone AR an extraordinary mobile device for enthusiast gamers.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Software/Apps' category and #3 among all categories for Asus ZenFone AR device

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