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The Asus Zenfone AR uses the Qualcomm All-Way Aware sensor hub that provides the phone with its ultra low-power always-on feature, which can provide useful contextual information and supports Google Awareness API. Those ongoing processes are therefore done on a dedicated Hexagon DSP processor and not on the CPU, allowing the always-on sensor to always be active and listen to your command. The All-Ways hub collects data all the time, like Amazon Alexa for example, and the more data it collects, the more relevant information it can provide tailored specifically for you. This is far better than external hub, because you take your phone everywhere you go, this system can continuously monitor and collect information, rather based the contextual information when you use a non-portable device just at home.

One of the cool things about this technology is that as sophisticated as it look, it consumed very little battery life, so although the always-one service is active at all times even when the SoC is off, the impact on battery life is minimal.

Here is a video by Qualcomm that talks about the All-Ways Aware Hub feature.

Furthermore, according to an article on Qualcomm, the always aware hub is also used to provide the AR applications, including Tango, with 6DoF positioning and other processing needed for those app to work properly.

The Asus ZenFone AR really brings the latest Qualcomm advanced technologies to support the needed computing power and innovative core hardware components to support next generation augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

There are so many application that these technologies can be useful for and I'm sure that in 2017 we are going to see many apps that are going to take use of these feature to provide user with better apps that take advantage of that "knowledge" gathered by those always-on services.

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  • Does this private information is accessible through a Google API using authentication or is it just used by the phone manufacture's bundled apps?