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You know, sometimes I just hate the a phone being called stylish where it just carries the same old, boring, uninvolving and lackluster design over and over from previous model and the same goes to the Samsung Galaxy A7. It's nice that it's available in three difference colors, but the phone itself looks like a phone from five years ago, seriously. Is it so hard to add a little design touches to just make it look more interesting and make people feel that they are buying something new. It happens all around the industry in almost any type of product.Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 gray front side

I understand that the problem with mobile phones is first, there isn't a lot of space to make huge changes (if you want to make the phone looks slim and slick), and second, you want it to appeal to a very large audience, so you can't make like a painting or something very unique that might distract people from buying it. That being said, we've seen some great examples from other companies how to do it right. If it was a cheap $100 mobile phone I wouldn't mind, but for a phone above $400, I actually do mind.

This phone looks like some of the mobile phone icons that you can find on If someone would have asked me how a mobile phone looks like, I would probably draw something similar to how the Galaxy A7 (2017) looks like :)

Anyways, as you can see, I am quite disappointed and I always home to see better looking designs on the next iterations of the phone, although when I think about it, we only see big changes when a really revolutionary phone comes into play using a new technology, so maybe we would see design changes when the folded screen phones enters the market and than more cheaper phones will carry some of the more unique designs of the more expensive phone.

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  • I think that the 3D glass at the back looks quite nice but I agree that it doesn't have any unique design fingerprint that make it visually appealing. It's a nice looking phone, it's slim and I like the colors, so not too bad either.