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The Meizu Pro 6 Plus rear-facing camera uses the same excellent Sony IMX386 camera image sensor that the MX6 comes with. This sensor features 12MP resolution and it's 1/2.9-inch in size. Each pixel on the sensor measured 1.25┬Ám (microns). This Sony IMX385 sensor comes with on-sensor PDAF pixels which helps promote faster and more accurate subject-tracking performance. According to Meizu, this sensor have even greater capabilities that the Samsung Galaxy S7 sensor that has larger 1.4 micron pixels.

This sensor has already proven to produce very high-quality image with much better color reproduction compared to the Meizu MX5. You can take a look at this image for example that was taken by, and you can clearly see that this sensor (and also the lens) produce very sharp and detailed image under good lighting conditions. Even in low-light, this sensor performance quite well. The MX6 was the first phone to employ this new 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor and it's great to see that this sensor find itself also in Meizu's latest flagship smartphone, the Pro 6 Plus.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #2 among all categories for Meizu Pro 6 Plus device

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