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The Vivo Xplay 6 comes with a dual-camera setup, the same setup that produces the beautiful Bokeh effect on the Vivo V5Plus. However, instead of having the dual-camera on the front of the phone, mostly useful for selfies, it's in the rear side (I personally prefer it like that for general photography). The Xplay 6 has essentially two cameras. The first one (top) is the main 12MP camera and the second one right underneath it is a 5MP camera with depth sensing capabilities. Like the V5Plus, the Vivo Xplay6 comes with a Bokeh mode which is available in the built-in camera app.

This "Bokeh" mode allow users to blur the background outside the focus point out of focus and simulate the same beautiful shallow depth-of-field effect that you get with DSLR cameras. This is a simulated bokeh effect however, and it uses the data from the two sensors to produce a fake shallow DOF effect. You have the option to simulate an aperture ranging from F0.95 to F16, with the smaller the f-number, the more prominent the blur effect will be. I know it's might look confusing, because you might expect a larger number to produce a more blurry effect, but with f-numbers is works the other way around, the smaller the f-number, the more blurry the background is.

I've seen some phones with the same idea but they produces inconsistent results. Sometimes that blur would appear in a diagonal so part of the image that wasn't suppose to be blurred, was blurred out. This made the image look really artificial. I've read on the official website that the Vivo Xplay 6 uses a high-precision AA process equipment and a self-learning correction technology to ensure that the two optical center of the camera is always intimated within 0.5-degrees.

So from my understand, this should results in a more consistent and more convincing background blur effect that should resembles the one that you get with a fast lens on a large-sensor digital camera. The image posted on the official Xplay6 doesn't actually make that statement feel reliable, because the picture of the woman there has a very shallow depth of field effect around the hair near has ear, but the ear itself looks very sharp. Maybe this image was just used for illustration purposes.

I searched for real sample images that demonstrate the Bokeh effect in the Vivo Xplay 6. I wanted to see how well this feature work in the real world. The technical explanation was really nice, but nothing is better than seeing it in your own eyes. Having a prime fixed-aperture lens camera that acts like a multi-aperture lens camera is great, but as long as it produce convincing results.

Luckily I found some great sample images demonstrating the bokeh effect on this website. Those sample images on the just showed how amazing this bokeh mode is and how precise, smooth and beautiful the blur effect renders. The bokeh word is usually used to describe the quality of the blur effect but among casual photographers this is used to describe just the blur itself.

Anyways, the blur looks awesome with really circular bokeh and surprisingly accurate results. To be completely honest, I was really surprised to see that it worked so well. The editor who reviewed the phone mentioned that there are some slight errors here and there, but for my eyes, it looked really beautiful. Just think about it, does it really matter if it's perfect or not, I just saw a beautiful image with a very natural looking blur effect, who need more than that. Of course I'm sure that the algorithms that help produce this effect from using two cameras will get better over time, but the results as for now are really impressive.

Just so you know, to be able to achieve this high-degree of background blur that is equivalent to f/0.95 aperture you'll have to purchase a DSLR camera wit ha very fast lens and it will cost you a lot. Being able to achieve this effect algorithmically with a dual-camera setup with a smartphone device is a great achievement.

Furthermore, because the Vivo Xplay 6 camera is also a very sharp and have very good low-light performance, you can enjoy playing this effect even in low-light and produce some really stunning images. The Vivo Xplay 6 has one of my favorite cameras and this Bokeh effect made me love this phone even more.

importance ranking: #4 in the 'Camera' category and #4 among all categories for Vivo Xplay 6 device

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  • For those of you who are really interested to see how the Bokeh looks like and see the difference between the various (virtual) apertures, I highly recommend checking this image gallery on engadget China.