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The Huawei Mate 9 features the company's advanced SuperCharge technology that enabled intelligent charging by employing the Smart Charge Protocol (SCP). This protocol allows the phone to 'talk' with the charger directly. This allows the SuperCharge to classify the load capacity of a charger and cable and dynamically modify the voltage to the smartphone's battery (in this case the Mate 9 battery), all that based on real-time battery requirements.

I think many Samsung Note 7 owners love hearing about it, especially after the latest incidents that occur with the Note 7 due to overcharging. But it gets even more interesting, continue reading. The Huawei SuperCharge technology uses is governed by the SuperCharge dedicated chipset inside the phone. It makes sure that there is no unnecessary loss of voltage, so the phone charged only in the right voltage that is needed. This Auto voltage and current output adjustment also help to avoid excess voltage input.

The Huawei SuperCharge technology charges your battery faster compared to the previous Mate 8 and considerably faster compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. Huawei demonstrated in a chart, and you can see that in 10 minutes, the Mate 9 volume charge reached 800 mAh, 2320 mAh after 30 minutes and 3720 mAh after 60 minutes. In comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus reached 165 mAh, 495 mAh, and 990 maH respectively. So in 30 minutes charge, the Mate 9 charges 58^ of your battery, which Huawei says it sufficient for over 1-day usage in average.

SuperCharge also produces 50% less in-phone heat compared to 9V/2A Quick Charge. It does that by utilizing 8-layer Thermal Mechanics cooling system that is used to disperse the heat accumulated inside the phone. From the video, it looks like a few metal plates which are positioned in areas that produce the most heat.

Super Charge has five safety protections mechanics gates, and each one has three layers of protection: voltage, current and temperature. All those are being monitored by the Super Charge cheap in real-time and all the time while the battery is being charged. It doesn't say what happens when one of those security checks are failed, but I believe that the phone will just stop the charge and alert the user.

Huawei certainly took everything related to battery charging very seriously, and indeed, there were quite a few unfortunate accidents lately and it's great to see a phone that takes all the necessary majors to make sure that no harm will come to those who use the device, by taking prevention measures in first hand.

I see it as a big advantage and I'm sure many phone owners will appreciate Huawei efforts brings these technologies to their new high-end smartphones.

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