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The Google Pixel XL phone features a 5.5 Quad HD AMOLED display with 2560x1400 pixel resolution. One of the main advantages of the AMOLED display is its rich vivid colors. In AMOLED displays, individual pixels can be turned off completely to show true black, what can also improve the battery life.

The Google Pixel XL display has a very high 534 ppi pixel density, which results in smooth visuals without any visible little pixels and it's great for VR as well due to that exact reason.

The Pixel XL screen is not Super AMOLED. A Super AMOLED display is a type of AMOLED display made and marketed by Samsung. It has an integrated digitizer, the same layer that is responsible for detecting touch instead of being overlayed on top of the screen.

The Pixel XL AMOLED display can produce 16.77 million colors, The Pixel screen isn't IPS LCD, which is an improvement on the TFT LCD technology. From what I can recall, the IPS LCD produces images that look more natural, compared to AMOLED panels that produce images that have higher saturation and said to be more pleasing to the human eye and can produce true deep blacks.

Both screen technologies keep improving, but no doubt that the Google Pixel XL will result in vivid and sharp visuals and your photos and videos will look great on it.

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