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Google makes it easier to switch from your previous iPhone device or Android device to the new Pixel phone. There are many people how don't switch brands because switching between phones with different operating system, even with the same operating system is very inconvenient. Many people think that this new Switch feature will convince more iPhone users to finally make the switch and buy one of the two Pixel phones instead of buying the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus phone.

If you look at the Switch feature on, it's written black and white on how to switch from your iPhone device to the new Google Pixel, how to transfer your information in just 3 simple steps. There is even what looks like a partial iPhone phone on the left side that connected to the Pixel phone with a cable. The funny thing is that looking at that image, it looks like you are moving out from the "Dark side", just because the iPhone rendering on that page is black and the Google Pixel phone is shown in white.

No doubt that this Switching feature will make it very easy to transfer all your important data. That being said, many iPhone users are already highly invested in free and paid games and apps. I think that iPhone users who have downloaded lots of apps and games from the App store, won't hurry to switch to the new Pixel. The Switch features obviously won't transfer your game and apps because they won't be compatible with the Pixel phones that run the Android operating system. If there was a way for that feature to detect apps that exist both on the App store and Google Play and fetch them from Google Play, this could have been nice.

For the casual user who doesn't have a lot of apps and games, I think the switch to a Google Pixel phone will be more appealing. I personally wouldn't mind switching because I am not a heavy user and I didn't invest a lot of money for paid apps and games.

importance ranking: #3 in the 'Usability' category and #44 among all categories for Google Pixel device

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