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Google Pixel also features the "Lens Blur" feature. This feature was introduced back in 2014 and works the same way on the Google Pixel as well. It's best used when shooting close-ups within 5 feet. Once the process has finished, you get an image with the subject in the photo looking sharp, while the background appears out of focus. This effect is also known as shallow depth of field, but also referred to sometimes as Bokeh, although 'Bokeh' in more professional terms, is used to describe the quality of that blur effect.

Activating the Lens Blur feature is easy, just swipe left and choose 'Lens Blur' from the available camera options on your Google Pixel phone. Focus on the subject, click the image and now slowly move the device upwards slowly while keeping the subject of the photo centered. Google will use the data and run some advanced algorithms that will help the image processor distinguish between the subject and the background. One done, Google Pixel will display the photo with the subject looking sharp and the background being out of focus. This helps brings up subjects in images, making them pop and blur the background that was a distraction in the image.

Another great advanced using the lens blur feature is that you can also refocus on different parts of the image according to artistic needs.

importance ranking: #17 in the 'Camera' category and #40 among all categories for Google Pixel device

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