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Google Pixel main (rear) camera uses an approximately 28mm (35mm equivalent) focal length lens. The lens as the same field of view than the wide-angle lens of the iPhone 7 Plus (remember the iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses, the second one has 56mm equivalent focal length). It's still has a wider FOV compared to the iPhone 6 (33mm), but narrower DOV compared to the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 (26mm).

A 28mm focal length equals to approx. 75.4° diagonal FOV, while 26mm provides a wider 79.5° diagonal FOV. It might now look much, but it is noticeable in photos. A wider field of view means that you can cramp up a large part of the scene into the image without moving backward. It's very useful for landscape, interior, architectural and group shots. A very wide angle can lead to more distortions, and I think that 28mm is a good focal length choice for a general purpose camera.

Obviously, I would prefer to have a zoom lens or two cameras like the iPhone 7, but that's what the Google Pixel camera offers, at least in this iteration.

importance ranking: #16 in the 'Camera' category and #38 among all categories for Google Pixel device

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