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One of the main benefits of owning the Google Pixel is because of the way the device handles OTA updates. The main problem with Android was fragmentation of its operating system. Many phone manufacturers applied updates way after they have been officially released by Google, some of them even block those updates because they might interfere with the current installment of the apps the overlay on top of the original Android OS. In many phones, updates had to go through many tests before they are finally approved in pushed to the designated devices.

With a Google-brand phone, you can rest assured that you get updates as soon they are released. Google also mentioned that the Google Pixel phone will receive updates automatically, so the next time you boot up the phone, you enjoy the latest features of the Android OS.

Many phone manufacturers also bloat their phones with apps that provide additional functionality, change the theme of the home screen and employed other proprietary apps that run in the background and add additional functionality. Although these apps added extra functionality to the phone, it had an impact on the performance. Users just couldn't choose to remove them, as they were tight to the functionality of the phone. Phone manufacturers wanted to differentiate their phone from the competition and layered their own software on top of the original Android operating system.

This time, Google has a complete control over the software part and can manage its own updates and can push updates to Google Pixel as soon as possible. Google Pixel owners needn't wait for phone carriers or phone manufacturers to approve these updates, so you can enjoy these updates first before others. Some of these updates might be security updates, and that's why it's important to have these updates available as soon as they are released.

Nougat also handles updates differently than previous versions. Updates are now seamless to the user. It has two partitions, one that stores the current OS and one that reserves for updates. When an OTA update for Google Pixel becomes accessible, the active OS downloads it and it updates the inactive partition. Upon reboot, the inert partition becomes active and the previously active partition now becomes the dormant one. The active partition also becomes a backup partition in case something goes wrong with the update, the OS can switch to that working partition and reinitiate the update procedure again.

This is a very important advantage in the new Google Pixel phone, due to the new Android Nougat OS and the fact that this is a Google-branded phone. I'm still note sure how third-party manufacturers will handle these automatic updates on their devices, but I'm sure that on a Google-branded phone, it will be seamless and smooth.

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