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The Google Pixel camera can produce images with impressive dynamic range. We all know about the HDR+ feature, but until I saw some real sample images, I just wasn't sure that it would work as many photographers want it to work.

Isaac Reynolds posted his own series of sample photos taken with the Google Pixel camera, and the results are nothing but astonishing. The one thing that caught my attention is the dynamic range. The two first cityscape images and the one showing a lake and a bridge with bright sky, all have proven how well the HDR+ works when shooting in difficult lighting situations.

In many HDR engines, you usually get an image that doesn't look natural, with exaggerated saturation and very high contrast. In those pictures, however, the image looks perfectly balance and resembles how the scene should have looked had you viewed it with your own eyes. I just can't get these type of photos with my Nikon DSLR camera, unless I am using a filter and maybe apply some post processing, just to get it perfectly right.

Most of the pictures don't have blown highlight parts and the shadow details are well preserved. This results in an image that really tells the story and photographers know that when they press the shutter button, the are capturing the scene as they see it with their own eyes. I had many problems with blown highlights with my iPhone 5S when I went to a trip to Barcelona, Spain. The phone just had a hard time in difficult lighting conditions, and I had to position myself at the right angle to get a well-exposed image, especially at noon and in high contrast scenes. It seems that just half of the image was too dark and the other one was bright.

I'm very impressed with the image quality coming out from this camera and I can now understand why the Google Pixel camera has received such high rating in DxOMark tests.

Here are the list of photos on Google Photos - Observe the image quality yourself.

importance ranking: #13 in the 'Camera' category and #29 among all categories for Google Pixel device

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