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I personally found the Google Pixel phone design to be uninspiring. To be honest, most of the phones today carry somewhat the same rectangular flat design (all copied from the original iPhone). The google Pixel has a glass-aluminum body with a glass that covers the top part of the back of the phone and also functions as the place for the internal antennas in order to have a better reception. There are also curved edges for extra grip.

That being said, there are many phones that are far more inspiring than the Google Pixel, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, LG G5, Motorola Moto X Wood Edition, LG G Flex and others. It's all about the attention to fine details that differentiate one from the other.

It's totally subjective, but I didn't like the limited edition 'Really Blue' version, just looks too blue to me and I prefer the more subtle color version. That being said, the "Really Blue" phones are already sold out as revealed by One the other hand, I think that the blue color does symbolize a relation to Google with ts colorful logo colors. I can't even recall a phone having such a strong blue color. Most of the phones have more of a cyan or darker bluish color. Blue color symbolizes trust, confidence, heaven and wisdom, and it also relates to one-to-one communication and that's why I think Google has decided to use it. The reason that it's sold it's because it's a limited edition, I don't think that people who bought it did it because of the psychology meaning of that color.

The Google Pixel smartphone looks too simplistic to me. It doesn't feature the edge-to-edge or a curved display like some other high-end smartphones. I can understand that Google wants to stick with simplicity, but I would prefer a more stylish and sophisticated design and reflects what's inside and in a way, tell the story of its sophisticated software features, which even by today's standards, they feel quite futuristic and I wanted it to be reflected in the phone's design.

Again, I am not totally disappointed, I just would have preferred a more prominent and unique design in a premium smartphone made entirely by Google.

importance ranking: #2 in the 'Design' category and #7 among all categories for Google Pixel device

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