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Any person who buys either Google Pixel or Pixel XL gets a free and unlimited storage for storing his full resolution photos and videos. This also includes 4K videos that the Pixel phone can capture.

You can say goodbye to all these "Storage Full" popups that you get on other phones (**cough**, iPhone) , so your phone will never be full and you can rest assured that all your precious memories are kept safe online. Smart Storage helps Pixel free up space in case you need it, so it uploads your multimedia files online and frees up space on your Pixel device.

I think this is an amazing offering, especially nowadays that the phone serves as most people's main camera and many people use it to take thousands of photos each month. Of course, there are third-party services that offer you an unlimited storage for a reasonable price, but I personally prefer living in Google's ecosystem, especially if I am a proud owner of the first phone design completely by Google and one that can be smart to provide me with contextual search information using Google Assistant if I use the Google Photos app. So I obviously will prefer to use Google services to store my photos and videos.

In Google event on October 4th, Google demonstrated one of the Google Assistant capabilities for searching and displaying images based on voice queries. So for example, you can tell Google Assistant to bring only the photos from a certain month and it will analyze the data from Google Photos and display it for you. This is one of the strengths of utilizing Google's services, is that now that Google Assistant is built-in into Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones, you benefit from using their services instead of third-party ones, and I think that's where Google is striving to be, and it will obviously help it sell more of its Pixel smartphones, as well as convince more people to use its software-based services.

By the way, Google also provides a way to transfer all your data from previous iPhone smartphones to your Google Pixel phone using a new tool. It can also import your contacts, videos, music, texts, calendar events and iMessages), so you don't have any excuse why not to upgrade to the new Pixel or Pixel XL phones.

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