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Google Pixel is a Google Daydream-ready phone. This phone was designed from the ground up to support Google's VR platform, Daydream. Google Pixel will, therefore, work with Daydream View, which is the first Daydream ready VR headset made by Google. There will be more mobile devices and more headset from third-party manufacturers that will be compatible with Daydream in the near future.

This is another reason why Google want to have control over the phone's specs and why Google Pixel was designed according to these specific specs, to assure the best possible VR experience with the range of Daydream compatible VR headsets.

The Daydream View is sold separately from the Google Pixel phone, at a price of $79 USD in the US, available starting November 2016. However, unlike Samsung that gave its Samsung Gear VR headset for free for those who purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, Google doesn't seem to have such an offer.

The Google Pixel device works the same way as the Samsung Gear VR works. You just open the front compartment and slide the phone in and close it. There is also a place to put the Daydream controller inside that compartment so you won't loose it. After all, it's a relatively small device and it can easily get lost.

The Daydream View headset is made to be very comfortable and lightweight. It's a made of soft and comfortable materials. Google also mentioned quite a few VR titles planned for the launch of the new headset, like Star Chart (explore constellation systems and new galaxies), Gunjack 2 (you are placed in a cockpit of a spaceship and you need to protect your ship from alien enemy ships), and also an exclusive title called Fantastic Beats, a game in which you play as a powerful wizard and use the controller as a wand to cast spell.

Some of Google's built-in apps were designed to work with Daydream View, including Google Play Movies, Google Photos, Street View and YouTube.

So when you buy Google Pixel, you know that you get the option to experience the best of what mobile VR has to offer, and this VR platform will become a target of many developers who will continuously deliver more games, 360 videos, and experiences on a daily basis. It's an optional feature, but at least you know that your phone is ready for it, just in case you one day want to jump into VR and try it out, or if you are like me, you are going to experience it on day-one!

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