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Google Pixel camera seems to have inconsistent white balance issues when shooting in artificial lighting conditions. Many of the images that I've seen taken indoors in artificial light turned out too warm with strong yellow cast color. The overall rendering tends to be warmer on the Google Pixel compared to the iPhone 7 Plus and S7 edge, but if the white balance isn't accurate, the results, therefore, looks just way off.

There is a way to adjust the white balance by choosing the thermometer icon and selecting the appropriate preset that you want to use. But by default, the camera just seems to 'guess' the appropriate settings wrong when in auto mode. I have no doubt that this can be solved in a new update, but as for now, it's an issue that still needs to be resolved. It happens most of the time, but sometimes the camera detects the correct white balance, but as I mentioned, most of the time it doesn't.

I think that the scene recognition system just doesn't work that well. Google Pixel camera support to detect the artificla lighting source and adjust the the white balance automatically to match the scene, so you get a natural looking image. Every camera does that, but for some reason in the Pixel camera, in many times, the camera gets it wrong.

Anyone of you experienced the same issue?

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