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Google Pixel camera has shown some excellent results in low-light sample image comparison tests and I was interested to see how the Pixel phone stands out against the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in terms of low-light performance.

One of the first tests that I've seen was done by and shown, what I observed as a significant advantage in revealing details in shadow areas low-light conditions. Just look at the sample image of the underground station with the large clock, you can clearly see that the Google Pixel has much more details in the dark shadow area of the image compared to the S7 edge image that looks much darker. I was quite surprised to see such a big difference considering that the Galaxy S7 edge has a faster f/1.7 aperture compared to the Pixel's f/2.0 aperture. It might be due to the larger pixels and high dynamic range option, but it does produce a significantly better looking low-light image.

The same holds true in a test done by The Google Pixel night shots looked brighter and with more natural colors but the white balance looks inconsistent. The results were also inconsistent and it would have been nice to see the EXIF in order to see which ISO was used to take the image for each phone - but overall it looks like the Pixel has the upper hand.

Comparing the low-light results versus the iPhone 7 Plus. On a test done by, it looks like the Google Pixel performs better there with better exposure but again, the white balance just didn't nail the artificial light right and results in a yellowish color casting compared to the most natural look of the iPhone 7 Plus image. The same goes for the other photo comparison. The iPhone 7 Plus has fewer details in the shadow areas. This website actually paid attention to the EXIF data and actually shown that the Pixel at ISO 4000 resolves more details and has even less image noise compared to the iPhone 7 Plus at ISO 400 - quite remarkable to be honest.

After viewing those iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy 7 edge and Google Pixel sample images side by side and compared the exposure, noise, and details, I can positively say that the Google Pixel wins when it comes to low-light performance. At the same breath, I was quite surprised with the results, because the Pixel lacks an optical image stabilization and has a slower lens than the Galaxy S7. I probably should wait for even more tests, but I think I can say with a high degree of confidence that the Google Pixel camera low-light performance is among the best among all the latest high-end smartphones, including the S7 edge and iPhone 7 Plus - impressive!

You can also check this video by SuperSaf TV and in one of the image of cheero (carton toy), you can see that the Samsung Galaxy S7 performed better than the Pixel XL with much less noise and better exposure. I assume that in some shooting conditions, the Pixel will utilize its advanced HDR capability that will lead to a better still image, and when it's not using it, the Galaxy S7 gains an advanced due to its OIS and faster aperture. The aperture allows more light and the OIS allows the camera to shoot at slower shutter speeds (which means more light), but still maintaining a sharp image and can be shot at a lower ISO that reduces the appearance of image noise.

So overall I think that the Google Pixel wins here. Have a different opinion, please comment and share it your opinion below.

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