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Some people took the Google Pixel through some extensive durability tests, nothing official of course, but just testing it against scratches, fire, bending and see how it holds up. JerryRigEverything thoroughly tested the phone and found that the earpiece mesh is made of some type of a cloth, not plastic or metal which makes it harder to clean it. The back glass panel is more sensitive to scratches compared to the front glass. The aluminum part can be easily scratched, so it's obviously recommended to use a cover case to protect the phone from scratches.

The fingerprint scanner also survived some heavy abuse and even with scratches it works perfectly well. The Google Pixel also survived the bending test amazingly well, so unlike some other phones that will just break apart, the Pixel can really endure bending amazingly well without breaking up (until to a certain degree of course, like any phone).

Here is JerryRigEverything Google Pixel home-made durability test video.

If you want to know about the Google Pixel water-resistant capability, you should certainly check Jonathan Morrison's' Google Pixel 1 hour in water' test. It should that the Google Pixel can survive underwater for one hour. Obviously, you guys shouldn't try this at home because the Google Pixel carries an IP53 rating certification, which means that it not suitable for submersion(not waterproof). That being said, even if it happens that your phone accidentally falls into the toilet, it certainly has a high chance of surviving it without any signs of damage, even the speakers seemed to work well after that long submersion.

So although none of these tests are any official ones and in no way, you should put your Google Pixel phone in such conditions, it just shows how well the Pixel is built - much more durable that many people assumed. Again, these tests are not official and done by people who just want to test out the durability of the Pixel Phone device and see how much abuse it can take before showing any signs of damage. Don't try it at home, and read the Google Pixel manual carefully to fully understand to take care of it and avoiding any damage.

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