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OPPO F1s rear camera

The Oppo F1s rear-facing camera comes with a 13MP sensor and a f/2.2 aperture lens. I've seen and analyzed many sample images taken with the Oppo F1s rear camera and I was quite pleased with that I've seen, but this camera does have its issue. This camera has several issues. First of all, I've noticed significant lens barrel distortions relatively close to the center of the frame, and more prominent in the edges. This is something that is visible regardless of the resolution. Things that suppose to look round look oval and things that suppose to be straight like building, look distorted. It's more prominent in scenes with straight lines like buildings and interiors and in other image it's not that noticeable.

The OPPO F1s doesn't give you control over the shutter speed. The phone does support long exposure shots ranging from 1 second to 16 seconds, but the lack of control over the shutter speed limit the creativity of the photographer. Not a big issue for casual photographers.

The Oppo F1s can take very sharp images in good lighting conditions, especially in the center of the frame. The texture quality is also very good, but again, the details quickly diminish as you more outside the center of the image.

The part that the Oppo F1S did very good is in the color reproduction area. Colors appear vivid yet very natural and the white balance seems to do it's job amazingly well. Skin tons also look very natural and even slightly on the warm side, which is OK, better than having your face looks pale and cold like I've seen from some other phone cameras.

I recommend checking out these OPPO F1s sample images on techweez.com which reviewed the phone. Check out the piano image. It was taken at ISO 1000 at 1/20s shutter speed, and it looks really good, but the street sign image with the blue sky really shows the negative side of the camera. Even at ISO 50 you can clearly see a lot of noise in the sky and in the mid-tones in the building's windows. The good news is that even at high ISO the sensor seems to maintain good details without oversharpening and the color reproduction and contrast still look very good.

You start seeing noise even at the base ISO which is ISO 50 if I am not mistaken. Noise is more prominent especially toward the mid-tones and dark areas, but even in bright areas noise is still visible. That being said, I've seen some cameras that perform worse. If you shoot image even at ISO 1250 but in an area with good light, you can get very high quality low-res images to share with your friends. The higher ISO doesn't effect the color and contrast that much and if you scale down the image, you can hardly notice the noise in the image. If you just plan to shoot photos for sharing online on Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, VK or others, I think you'll be just fine with the OPPO F1s low-light capabilities. A good example of that is this photo from ndtv.com. It was shot indoors using ISO1250 but in a well lit place and you can see that in full scale it does look very noisy, but scaling it down it looks very colorful and nice and you can barely notice any image noise.

That being said, it's still an average camera. The fast f/2.2 aperture lens does help to push the camera's performance higher. The problem is that it's optical performance is not so good. I've seen some images where the red color seems a bit washed out. In some of the images that I've seen, the red just looked oversaturated.

The autofocus performance is also not impressive, works well in good light, and many reviewers had focusing issue when shooting in low-light and their images turned out blurry.

Before I sum up my opinion, here is an excellent video by PC-Tablet that talks about the pros and cons of the Oppo F1s camera, certainly worth watching.

Overall this camera is really average at best. It will work well as long as you are shooting in good lighting conditions but the image quality quickly deteriorate when you stress its limit and shooting in non-optimal lighting conditions. There are better alternatives out there in this price segment. I think that with an optical image stabilization and a f/2.2 lens we would have seen much more pleasing results.

as well. You'll probably are going to see some really nice shot taking with this phone, and it's capable of that as low as you understand it's limitations. I would recommend checking what other phone cameras offer.OPPO F1s front camera performanceI think that OPPO F1s did put more emphasize on the front camera and just couldn't implemented a better performing rear camera. By the way, I didn't like the

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #2 among all categories for Oppo F1s device

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  • Maybe it's sufficient for the target audience but I agree it has a very noisy sensor. I've seen that image at ISO50 and there is noise all over the place. I'm also not that impressed, although the colors look really nice, judging by my father's Eizo ColoEdge CX271 monitor.