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Oppo F1s, thumb finger on a phone fingerprint reader

The Oppo F1s features a front-mounted fingerprint reader embedded in the home button itself. According to Oppo, the front fingerprint reader is very responsive and can read and recognize your fingerprint in 0.22 seconds. This is a blazing fast speed. The main advantage of having a responsive fingerprint reader is because it improved the overall experience of using the device. We are all used to fast touch responses from the screen and this has to continue with the fingerprint reader as well.

I know it's sound weird, but I had a phone that has a front-mounted fingerprint reader and it was very slow. By saying 'very slow' I mean around on second. It might not sound a lot, but when you get used to very responsive phones, it just feels like an annoying delay. With the Oppo F1S, unlocking your phone feels fast and fluid

It can get even worse if the scanner doesn't read your fingerprint well. The OPPO F1s fingerprint scanner utilizes a self-learning arithmetic that improved its accuracy over time. The more you use it, the more sensitive it get. I think they did it because usually the fingerprint scanner takes a single scan of each finger and because the first scan might not get it very accurate at the first time, it might fail reading your fingerprint in future scans. However, if you are already using it to unlock your phone several times a day, why not use those scans to further improve the accuracy, it's makes a lot of sense.

Another cool thing that the fingerprint allows you to do, apart from unlocking your phone, is to customize the fingerprint-activated app launch. In other words, you can tell the sensor to launch different apps for each finger, with up to five customizable commands. This is just a cool idea, although I am not sure that I would remember which finger launch which app. The great thing about it is that it's very responsive. So if you want to quickly launch your camera app with your index finger or pinky, just place it on the scanner and the camera app will launch. Want to quickly launch WhatsApp, no problem, just assign it to any finger of your choice.

If you are interested to know, the fingerprint module in the home button of the OPPO F1s is only 0.1mm thick - very impressive, isn't it.

The responsive self-learning fingerprint scanner with the customized fingerprint-activated app launch really helps improve the overall experience and making access to your favorite apps even faster than ever before. I remember the first time I had a phone with a fingerprint reader, it was the iPhone 5S with the fingerprint reader embedded in the home button. It was relatively slow and I actually found myself not using it at all, unless the app reminded me to do so when I purchase an app in the Apple App Store. It wasn't that responsive and it obviously doesn't come with all the added functionality that we see in modern mobile devices. Some fingerprint scanners even have touch interface, so the phone can recognize even various swipe gestures. The fingerprint scanner is becoming an important hardware component in modern mobile phones and in the future most mobile phones will have one by default.

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  • I really like the ability to assign certain apps to each fingerprint. Usually I wake up the phone just to use a certain app and put it aside, and this feature can really simplify this task, making it effortless to launch and app of my choice, usually WhatsApp and the camera app, what you've mentioned in your post.