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OnePlus 3 camera with vivid colorful landscape

OnePlus 3 main camera is capable of capturing stunning images in daylight conditions. I've spent quite a lot of time going over many OnePlus 3 sample images on Flickr and I was amazed how good the image quality is. The OnePlus 3 is using a 16MP f/2.0 camera using the the renowned Sony IMX 298 sensor. Although the low-light performance is pretty good, this camera really shines when you take it outdoors and shoot in optimal lighting conditions, especially in with the natural lighting of the sun.

Just take a look at this image on Flickr taken with the OnePlus 3 (A3000 model) at ISO 100 and 1/1241 shutter speed. This image is a very good example of the amazing image quality you get with the OnePlus3 rear-facing camera because it was shot in ideal outdoor conditions without backlight, with excellent exposure and with very fast shutter speed. Just zoom in at 100% scale and look at those details in the image. The image is just unbelievably sharp. We don't get to see such superbly detailed and sharp image every day. I can get a sharp image like that with my Nikon DSLR with a prime lens, but from a tiny mobile phone sensor that uses who knows what lens, this is just mind-blowing results.

Just look at the roof shingle and you can see what I mean. I've downloaded the original image just to inspect the image quality in Adobe Photoshop and I was blown away. This is a sharpness I got to see with a Foveon sensor, not a tiny 1.12-micron pixel Bayer sensor.I didn't find any artifacts in the room tiles that is usually caused by the nearest neighbor demosaicing algorithm, and maybe this one used the slower adaptive homogeneity-directed demosaicing algorithm that make that part of the image look amazingly sharp and without any color artifacts.

You can check out many more images in this album. The colors that comes out from this camera are just amazing, saturated yet very natural. There are tons more OnePlus 3 sample images out there and they all tell the same great story. I even liked the OnePlus 3 color reproduction better than the one that I've got with my Samsung Galaxy S7. I mean, sky looked really blue, the contrast was better, only the dynamic range seems lower than the S7 camera. The camera also maintained good exposure without overexposing the highlight areas. Even macro photos look so sharp and bursting with colors.

I recommend checking some of the sample images that were taken by to see understand what I mean. They don't link to full-resolution images, but they give you the understanding of how good the color reproduction is. Just look at the image of the blueberries (the last image), looks at those amazing colors, unbelievable.

This is a top-notch camera, at least when it comes to outdoor daylight performance. Many images that I've seen looked like they were taken from a cover of a magazine. I mean, the clarity, the uniformity of the exposure across the frame and the superb color reproduction just made each image look interesting. Noise is still visible in solid color areas like they sky, and in low ISO shots. It's still not an issue at all and you barely notice it when scaling down the image a notch.

No doubt that there is some really intelligent image processing going on behind the scene to make those color just pop out, but the performance of this sensor in daylight shots just cannot be ignored. Sony's Stacked BSI CMOS sensor is doing a phenomenal job here. Here, check out some more sample images on website, watch and be amazed.

You can now comprehend why so many reviewers have praised the OnePlus 3 rear camera. It's all about those vivid contrasty living colors that makes all the difference in the world and it's tack sharp as well. I also like the Bokeh, although the sensor size is very small and therefore the depth of field is relatively very deep. You only get blurry background effect in close up shots. I've heard that the OnePlus 3 got a Bokeh effect filter in a software update, but I haven't had a chance to verify that. I'm sure that with image quality like this and with an efficient simulated bokeh effect mode, many photographers might toss their DSLR. I'm just kidding, but having a camera like the OnePlus 3 will definitely be a great choice for enthusiast photographers looking for a mobile phone with a great main camera. The OnePlus 3 rear-facing camera uses the same camera setup as the OnePlus 3T. So if you buy the OnePlus 3T you enjoy the same great image quality as well.

Here is a 4K sample video taken with the OnePlus 3. It shows you how brilliant the colors are.

No doubt that one of the main reasons to buy the OnePlus 3 is for its amazing camera. If you love photography and found yourself always needing to take your phone out of your pocket and grab a photo, the OnePlus 3 is definitely a phone to go for. This phone will give you stunning outdoor images without an effort. Even images that on other phones looked boring and lacks of punch, on the OnePlus 3 they just come alive.

Keep in mind that the colors may vary depends on which device you are viewing it. I am viewing it on a high-quality BenQ display that is used for image editing, so the colors are very accurate and true to the source (the image), and this is how I can appreciate the what I get with the OnePlus 3. That being said, I'm sure that on most screens you get to see and enjoy those brilliant vivid colors. On the OnePlus 3 Optic AMOLED display they are going to look awesome as well.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #1 among all categories for OnePlus 3 device

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  • The OnePlus 3 camera is just brilliant, even in low-light is not bad either. Excellent value overall and I'm curious about about the new Sony sensors which should come in 2017.