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The Huawei P20 Plus features an AI Image Stabilization feature (AIS for short) for its main 40MP camera. This allows the camera to take long exposure shots (useful for low-light conditions) while still maintaining a sharp and details image without image blur.

According to the official website, this new AI Image Stabilization system was designed to allow users to capture great low-light shots handheld using the night mode. So there is literally no need for a tripod or searching for a stable surface to put your camera on. I wish we had all those amazing camera features n standard digital cameras back then. Obviously when companies pour millions into research and development in machine learning, AI and smart image processing, this is what you get.

Now you might think it's a gimmicky feature, however, I checked out Huawei P20 Pro hands-on review by Ben Sin, and he confirms that this AI Image Stabilization feature works amazingly well, even call it a game changer.

Here is his video. Check out the video at 3:18 minute mark.

So this seems ot be an exciting feature for people who long-waited to put their hands on a phone that can shoot long exposure shots but without the complexity involved in stabilizing the phone itself.

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