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After Apple has introduces its Animojis in he iPhone X, it's not a big surprise to see all the other leading companies follow suit and Samsung within them. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a new Animoji feature for its front-facing camera.

Users can choose their favorite character and the character will follow their own facial expression, lip movement and head movement as see by the front-facing camera. This works very accurately. It also comes with some Snapchat-like AR feature that puts overlayed masks and items on your head and those move when you move your head. I was less excited about that, but you have this as well.

To access those features you need to click the AR tab in the camera app, which will give you access to all of those feature. You can also of course record a video or capture a photo of the animated animoji and share it with others.

importance ranking: #7 in the 'Camera' category and #21 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy S9 device

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