Nokia 2 • Performance & Hardware Disadvantage
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The Nokia 2 comes with only 8GB of built-in storage space. This is very low and if you are among those who shoot lots of images and videos, you should make sure buy a microSD card to make sure you have enough space.
importance ranking: #4 in the 'Performance & Hardware' category and #9 among all categories for Nokia 2 device

User Opinions

  • It's even much lower than that. Even Nokia put a number next to it and if you go to the bottom of the page you can see it reads: "Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant part of memory space". This means that the user available space will be less than 5 GB. This is certainly not enough for people who install many apps. You can't install apps on the microSD so its only good for photos, videos and other types of saved data files. There are some apps that will quickly fill this up, including operating system updates that also take more space. Overall, very disappointing to see only 8GB of storage.
  • By the way, I just came after reading the hands-on video on and there the editor mentioned that the Nokia 2 comes with 4.67GB of free space out of the box, so yeh, almost half of the available capacity.