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I was blown away by the iPhone X image quality after viewing the first official camera samples. It's hard to judge the sharpness because those are scaled down camera samples, but we can clearly see that the dynamic range and color saturation are really impressive. Based on the chosen shots, it seems that Apple wanted to showcase the high dynamic range and rich colors that the iPhone X rear-facing cameras are capable of.

After seeing those sample images,I have no doubt that the iPhone X will perform amazingly well in daylight, even better than older models. The all-new sensor is larger than the previous models and has deeper pixels. The term "deeper pixels" is quite confusing and I think Apple should have cleared this out or maybe use another term that help everyone understand what this is all about. When I first heard that term I thought about the pixel trench (photodiode) being larger and being able to hold more electrons. It seems this is the case. A person asked this question on Twitter and this was answered by Benoit Dupont, which is an imaging and sensor expert and a photographer (check the tweet below).

So the iPhone X brand new sensor has the ability to hold more electrons per pixels. Those electrons represent the color data transformed from the light photons. The more color data you have per pixel, the higher the dynamic range (better color range). The result are photos that have richer and more saturated colors. I think this is why Apple has chosen those specific set of sample images to demonstrate the iPhone 10 camera's capabilities.

Here is one example of the stunning colors that the iPhone X camera is capable of displaying in photos.

iPhone X camera sample, woman holding a green leaf

Just look at the rich colors, the natural green, how the red shirt is visible against the orange background, the details in the shadows and the hair strings. The dynamic range is one of the strongest aspects of the iPhone X camera no doubt about it. To see how good it is we need to compare it to previous models, like the iPhone 7 Plus. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone X compares to previous gen sensors on other iPhones and also versus some of the leading Android smartphones like the Galaxy Note 8 and LG G6.

importance ranking: #9 in the 'Camera' category and #47 among all categories for Apple iPhone X device

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