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The new iPhone X, Apple's most advanced iPhone ever made lacks innovative features that will really make it stand out from the competition . With all the best and whistles in the launch event, I was left very disappointed. As we know Apple throughout the years, it was always innovating, coming up with great new ideas that really dazzled people. People were always looking to see what Apple is going to come up next. It seems that once its great visioner Steve Jobs passed away, innovation stopped.

with the iPhone X, Apple seems to just trying to keep up with the latest trend that are coming throughout the year, but it many cases it fails to impress. For example, its edge-to-edge display isn't really edge-to-edge because of the quite thick bezels around it. The top notch at the top of the screen impairs usability and viewing experience and just looks plain awful, design wise. You want to see what innovation is? Just look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix and its genuine edge-to-edge design and see what true innovation really is.

Apple has finally decided to use an OLED display after bashing this technology over the years. How can you bash this technology that has proven itself and over again. The Galaxy Note 8 that uses Samsung's Super AMOLED display got an A+ rating by DisplayMate and same goes to the S8. These are by far the best mobile phone displays on the market to date and now one will argue the results of those really immensely in-depth lab tests. The good news is that Apple finally have decided to use an Samsung OLED display.

The only innovative feature is the TrueDepth camera at the front which hosts some sophisticated technologies to support its secured FaceID authentication, unique Portrait mode and the Animoji feature. This is far from satisfying my needs. From the event it seems that Apple main focus was in trying to entertain the crowed with the Animoji feature (currently available only in the iPhone X). Is that Animoji a main feature? Well, it looks great and I'm sure many people will love it, but it's far from being a major feature. Many people can leave without it and some might not even use it at all.

At the rear you have a dual-camera setup with a wide-angle and telephoto cameras. This is again, nothing new and there are already some mid-range phone offering this type of setup, but with lower sensor specs. The wireless charging is a welcomed feature, but nothing new.

Just look at the iPhone X and ask yourself? What makes this phone more interesting than the competition? I think one of its main competitors is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is the best Android phones you can buy right now. The Note8 comes with a bright f1.7 aperture front camera compared to the iPhone X that has a slower f/2.2 aperture lens. The Note 8 comes with Dual OIS, S Pen, microSD card slot, a superb A+ DisplayMate rated edge-to-edge display (best on the market as of the time of writing and no notch at the top like the iPhone X), more durable metal design, 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless charging support, etc.

Ask yourself another question? What the iPhone X does that the Note 8 can't? You probably find that not that much. A few years ago, the iPhone was known for its top-notch camera performance, distinctive look and other unique features that its competitors quickly copied and implemented in their own devices. Because Apple doesn't have many devices and updates its lineup once a year, it just can't match its competitors in terms of features. To make the next iPhone X2/iPhone 9 stand out from the rest, Apple needs to dazzle with unique hardware and software features that will really make an impact on the mobile phone market.

What the iPhone X has in its favor is its support for ARKit, Apple's augmented reality platform. The thing is that even the iPhone 6 supports it, so it doesn't really make the iPhone X unique. I think people might prefer buying the iPhone X to get the best iPhone out there and to enjoy its AR and front camera features. There isn't really anything interesting that makes me want to grab this phone straight away. I actually prefer buying the iPhone 7 at a lower price and I'm sure I wont miss any of those new features. The iPhone X, at least for me, is a phone that I an easily skip. I won't miss anything not having it. I do care about ARKit, but again, I don't need the iPhone X for it. Apple really needs to work hard to innovate, because as of the time being, things don't look that bright.

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