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Does the iPhone X have TouchID? The short answer is no, it does not. The iPhone X has no TouchID. Apple removed it in order to remove the bottom bezel. Instead, Apple put a FaceID feature that suppose to serve as a good alternative to the TouchID feature. Apple also mentioned that the FaceID is even more secure than TouchID, at least that what I understood from listening to the press event.

More secure or not, I think that most people don't want it to be replaced. The FaceID requires two steps to initialize, while the TouchID requires just one step, putting your finger on the home button, which doubles as a fingerprint reader. It worked perfectly in the dark and was the most convenient way to quickly unlock your iPhone.

If it's ain't broken don't fix it, yep, but for Apple there was no other way to implement that touch ID at the front. I've read that Apple wasn't in time to develop its own technology which allows it to integrate a fingerprint scanner as part of the screen itself. Maybe the next iPhone will have it, but it's quite unfortunate that such a premium device lacks this feature.

The funny thing is that the FaceID system failed during the event itself. It was an embracing moment for Apple and probably showed that this technology is not that reliable.

I think it's certainly a disadvantage not having that already proven TouchID technology. Maybe it was better if Apple could have implemented it at the back of the device or at one of the side buttons of the iPhone X, but i didn't.

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  • According to Apple, FaeID is much more secured and they even used it to approve transactions through Apple Pay. If it wasn't secure, they wouldn't have used it. It's a bit more hassle to use it, but still I think it's a good alternative.