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One of the most noticeable features of the iPhone X is its compatibility with ARKit. The iPhone X like other iPhones and iPads with A10 and newer chips, can run apps developed using ARKit, Apple's Augmented Reality framework. This framework allows developer to create AR experiences, including immersive games that take place inside your physical space. Unlike VR games in which you need a headset to experience the virtual world, with AR you just need the mobile device you run the apps on. So if you want to play an AR game, all you need it your iPhone X and that's it.

I've see some demos of upcoming AR games like "The Walking Dead: Our World" and Splitter Critters and you can see that that there are amazing AR experiences out there waiting to be released. All game developers know that ARKit is going to be a big hit as this AR platform will be available for millions of users when iOS 11 is released, so this is The new platform to develop apps and games for nowadays.

Here are a few ARKit demos running on the iPhone X:

If you buy the iPhone X, you will be able to run any of those upcoming augmented reality apps.

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