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I'm still troubled by the fact that the iPhone X lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack and I am forced to use an adapter to use my headphones. I do leave with the idea that we'll never going to see this connector in future iPhones as well. There are two main reasons why I personally would have preferred seeing that 3.5mm headphone port on the iPhone X.

First of all, I might need that connector for something else - for example, for charging it. Now, if I use the Lighting port to listen to music, I can't charge the phone (unless I use the wireless option). This is just one scenario and I'm sure you can find many others.

Second, you are forced to use an adapter to plug in your 3.5mm headphones, which for you this means carrying another part with you and second, this can reduce the quality of the signal and negatively effect the audio quality.

This is just two reasons why I would have liked to have a 3.5mm connector in the iPhone X and not have it removed like all the latest iPhones.

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