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The iPhone X isn't as bezel-less as the other edge-to-edge full-screen smartphones out there. Based on the schematics that I've seen online prior of the iPhone X announcement, the bezels measure 4mm (source). Of course you now don't need that exact measurement, you can just look at the iPhone X official render yourself and see how large the bezels are. I've already mentioned the ugly notch at the top of the screen, and the relatively wide bezels don't impress either.

iPhone X bezels

If you already strive to make a full-display phone, at least make the bezels slimmer. If you look at what the competition id doing, they are striving to make those bezels slimmer and slimmer. Just look at the side bezels of the Galaxy Note 8 in comparison. Samsung in comparison didn't opt to remove the bottom bezel and retained the top bezel. Still, I personally prefer the bezeless design of the Note 8 than the iPhone X one.

Having said that, Apple did try to create a more unified look by maintaining the same bezel width across the entire front. I think this is why it opted to put the top sensor and camera in a notch within the screen area, to create that more unified and distinctive look. Without that notch at the top, it would look really gorgeous, but it's still not as bezel-less as many of the other phones out there with an edge-to-edge display.

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  • It's actually not bezel-less at all and I don't mind it like that, because the bezels are where I usually put my hands to hold the phone, so nothing wrong about that in my opinion, not a bad design decision.