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One of the worst things about the iPhone X is that ugly cutout at the top of the screen. That cut out areas accumodated many of the iPhone X sensors, including the infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, front camera and dot projector. The question is whether it was better to just put it all at a small bezel at the top instead of putting it above the screen itself.

iPhone X cutout notch at the top of the screen

I've watched the keynote and it was really disturbing to see a video showcased on that display while they praise its great capabilities. I'm sure that many people asked themselves what's wrong with Apple. A company that hided the rear-camera bump on its own website to it will look sleeker, not comes with that weird design. How can Jonathan Ive be behind that design decision. That notch at the top of the screen just take from all the beauty of the device. Apple wanted to go all in with an edge-to-edge display, but can you call a thing like that edge-to-edge, it's more like edge-to-notch screen. Without it it would be a really beautiful-looking device, although I personally didn't like the camera bump at the back as well.

i think people were less harsh (including myself) on Apple if we didn't know that there are better design alternatives out there. Just look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix stunning edge-to-edge display. Xiaomi developed some really innovative technologies to make such a distinctive device. Apple just went with the "easy" way, without developing any innovative hardware that allows some of the speakers and sensors to reside underneath the screen itself, like Xiaomi did.

I understand that many of those sensors just can reside beneath the screen, or at least it will take a great deal of innovative engineering to achieve this. Maybe Apple should have just retain slim bezels at the top and bottom, it's not like the iPhone X is totally bezel-less, because it isn't. In fact, it ones of the edge-to-edge smartphones with the most thick side bezels.

I'm sure even Apple is not proud of that design and I believe that without strict time restrictions, Apple could have come with something better. It's like that device was rushed into the market and that top notch part has been negatively criticized all over the web. It reminds me of the Galaxy S8 awkward fingerprint scanner placement near the camera. It's those imperfection design elements that can really make a big negative impact on the design and for some people even about the capabilities of a company to innovate. Apple for me was the leader in design innovation and this is just a catastrophe, design wise of course.

How can I enjoy watching a video where this black cutout is lying there on the left (or right) side? It was disturbing to watch in the live event, and I'm sure it will be even worse once I try it myself.

What's your opinion about it? Is it really that bad?

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Design' category and #3 among all categories for Apple iPhone X device

User Opinions

  • Don't see this is a big problem, it's usually there are where the phone's information id displayed.
  • This is a usability disaster, how can you not see it. Just thinking about playing a game with part of the screen (might be important) is hidden. What now, developers need to develop their games while taking this notch into consideration?! When you take a screenshot, you can see what you get in that hidden part only after you've taken and viewed the screenshot. The swipe up gesture for the home is outrageous, what happens if I scroll up while browsing a web page? This is a big design mistake that will lead to many usability issues. It was better just to have a thicker top area where those sensors reside. This is not a full-screen display, this is a partial full screen display. Apple won't repeat that mistake and they probably need the whole year of user feedback to understand how wrong it was putting that notch inside the screen itself.