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This disadvantage is not related to any specific hardware but for the actual existence of a new device in Apple's lineup, the iPhone X. I know it might sound weird at first. I mean, how come an Apple premium mobile phone like the iPhone 8 can really lose its premium identity? It's a premium phone after all, but the main problem is that many people who buy iPhone want to buy the best and latest from Apple. Now that the iPhone X is out, the iPhone 8 (same goes to the iPhone 8 Plus) is no longer the edge of the spear. It is shadowed by its bigger brother that received all the attention.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X side by side

It seems that suddenly nobody really cares talking about the iPhone 8, It's outdated design moderate upgrade doesn't really make it stand out from the rest. Even compared to many Android flagships, it just look so outdated. Now with the iPhone X breathing on its neck, it looks even more inferior. It's like Apple unintentionally mock it and it did it in front of millions of people live on stage. I personally felt that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus part of the event was rushed. I first didn't understand why Phil Schiller is rushing it so fast. After I've heard the sentence: "There is one more thing." I knew why they've rushed it. The iPhone X got all the attention, while the iPhone 8 was left in the corner with very little attention.

If the iPhone X is "the Future", why should I pay a premium price for the iPhone 8. I will just pay more and enjoy Apple's finest instead of paying a premium price for an incapacitated device. There are already articles on the web that mentioned that the iPhone X may be hurting iPhone 8 sales and BGR mentioning that a top Apple insider says that iPhone X is bad news for the iPhone X. In fact, there are tons of articles talking about the same thing.

You don't need to be a super knowledgeable analyst to see this. You are the customer. Now, you have two options: buy the iPhone X at a slightly postponed date later this year on November 3rd for $300 more or get the iPhone 8 now (actually September 22nd), which one would you pick?

Think about this, the iPhone X is a smaller device with unique new look, premium features like animated emoji, dual cameras with dual-OIS, edge-to-edge display, OLED display with Dolby Vision and Dolby HDR10 support, only slightly larger size but significantly larger display and more. Now wouldn't you want to best and latest from Apple, a devices that looks like a new device with all those great features? Wouldn't it be well worth to wait and buy that better device that will stay with you for maybe 2-3 years to come? After all, not everyone buys a new iPhone every year, so if you already spending a premium price, add more and buy the iPhone X instead. If you are convinced, you now understand the dilemma that many users have and why the iPhone X can really hurt the iPhone 8 sales and make it look really outdated.

This is a real issue that can really hurt the sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well. I wonder what's your opinion about it?

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