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Dog image with Bokeh, Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone

The second most favorite feature of the Mi A1 is its ability to takes pictures with soft blurred background effect. This is a digitally produces effect, but it looks really good and some people might think that that image was taken with an SLR camera not a smartphone cameras. The image processing unit uses the data from the two cameras together to create that bokeh effect.

So what is that Bokeh effect on the Xiaomi Mi A1 that got me so excited you ask? I used to shoot with DSLR cameras for long time in the past. The reason why I enjoy shooting with it is because I was able to take images with that exact shallow depth of field effect. An effect that just wasn't possible using a conventional digital camera with a small sensor. Back then you didn't have that dual digital cameras in conventional cameras where you can replicate that effect, now in smartphone cameras you can.

The good thing about this effect is that it blurs the background, helping diminish distracting background elements and put the subject at the front of the picture. Take a portrait image and you'll see that the person looks sharp while all the background elements in the picture around it look very blurry. Viewers therefore can easily focus and observe the main subject in the image, which is that person. Of course it's not just for people but for any object that you want to emphasize on.

You can check out the results yourself on mi.com/in/mi-a1/ and see how good they look. Why grab a heavy and expensive DSLR when you can take more or less the same high-quality image with that Bokeh effect with a smartphone like the Mi A1. OK, maybe I am a exaggerating, because Mi A1 image quality just can't be compared to a large-sensor camera, but this is the closets that you get to achieve that same effect. This is a dream come true for enthusiast photographers who either don't want to carry around a large camera or can't afford buying one. I'm sure many people in India will be able to capture even better pictures thanks to this new dual-camera smartphone.

importance ranking: #2 in the 'Camera' category and #9 among all categories for Xiaomi Mi A1 device

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