Newly Added Devices

A list of some of the latest mobile phones and tablets recently added to our database

HTC Desire 19s
HTC Desire 19s
Vivo S5
Vivo S5
Vivo U20
Vivo U20
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro
Realme C2 2020
Realme C2 2020
Sharp Aquos V
Sharp Aquos V

This Month Hottest Mobile Devices

The mobile devices which has recieved the most attention this month

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Newly Discussed User Opinions

Latest mobile phone and tablet pros and cons opinions submitted by our users

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Latest user opinions with detailed explanation


Mobile Devices with the Most Submitted Opinions

Mobile device which has recieved the most pros and cons submissions by users of all time

Apple iPhone X
58 Pros and Cons
Samsung Galaxy S8
56 Pros and Cons
Google Pixel
51 Pros and Cons
Nokia 8
40 Pros and Cons
37 Pros and Cons
Huawei P20 Pro
36 Pros and Cons

Top Rated Mobile Devices

The top leading mobile devices by their satisfaction score per each category

*Devices with a minimum of 5 votes. Total number of votes also affects this rating list.
Performance & HardwareAsus ZenFone AR100%
CameraVivo Xplay 6100%
DesignNokia 6100%
Software/AppsGoogle Pixel100%
DisplayMeizu Pro 6 Plus100%
UsabilitySamsung Galaxy S885.7%
BatteryLG G680%
OtherNokia 675%
ConnectivityXiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro66.7%

Lowest Rated Mobile Devices

The lowest rated mobile devices by their satisfaction score per each category

*Devices with a minimum of 5 votes. Total number of votes also affects this rating list.
DesignSamsung Galaxy J7 Prime20%
Performance & HardwareNokia 220%
CameraSamsung Galaxy C9 Pro33.3%
DisplaySamsung Galaxy J7 Max40%
ConnectivityHonor V1040%
OtherGoogle Pixel40%
BatteryApple iPhone X50%
UsabilitySamsung Galaxy S885.7%
Software/AppsNokia 8100%
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Phone Pros and Cons

Understand the Benefits and Major Issues Before Buying

In Phone Pros and Cons you can learn about advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, tablets and other types of mobile devices. Learn about what makes a particular device the best in its category and at the same time learn about its worst problems. Phone Pros & Cons was built to help consumers understand the all the benefits of the device reported by users, but at the same time also give place for people to report drawbacks, inconveniences, limitations and even risks about a device. This is a truth-in-your-face type of a website, where user's opinions are what matters the most, without marketing-based decision influences and negative comment filtering - we want you to know the truth, so you can be assured that you get the phone that is the best one for your needs.

All the reviews and opinions are written by consumers like you. Reliability is our most important concern and we wanted to build a place where everyone can shout out their opinions and let other people vote and share their comments on that specific opinion. This help you understand the important features and the best and worst things about a particular mobile device in order to help you make a smarter buying decision.

Once another user posted a comment on your opinion, a new page is generated for that particular pro or con, where other users can contribute their own opinion about it and share their agreement and disagreement for others to read. Every vote and opinion is taken into account and totaled to produce a user-based satisfaction score for each mobile device in each ranked category and a total score that aggregates the score from all categories. The more opinion and votes, the more accurate the score is in reflecting the reliability of a particular mobile device.