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According to, the Nokia 6 will be available exclusively for the Chinese market through in early 2017, so no global distribution for this new Nokia smartphone.
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User Opinions

  • Just found out that a global variant of the Nokia 6 passed certification in Taiwan, here is the source of that information.
  • According to a post on gsmarena, the Nokia 6 is going on sale in the Philippines today, 1/26/2017. It seems that due to a demand in other countries, HMD doesn't hold the phone for China region, which is great.
  • It might be available globally after all. wrote a post showing a TA-1003 model that might be a global variant of the Nokia 6 and might be revealed in MWC 2017 - let's hope so.
  • I am not a marketing guy but this seems like a big marketing mistake. Why HMD releases its first Nokia phone only for the Chinese market? and second, why released a mid-range device. If you want to revive the Nokia brand among its fans why not do it in a big bang. Instead, HMD is releasing a mid-range device, that really doesn't looks all that impressive, just yet another mid-range Android smartphone carrying the Nokia brand name. I just don't understand the idea behind this announcement. I know that many people would have loved to buy a Nokia brand phone, but people are smart enough to clearly see that there is nothing special about this phone. I think most people would have loved to have an Android phone with a Lumia camera instead of having it on a Windows Phone smartphone device. Instead of coming with a big announcement, HMD just put off the fire with this phone. It's a good phone, don't get me wrong, and maybe my expectations were too high. That being said, just imagine if Nokia had released a high-end Lumia-like Android device, that would be amazing!
  • We are probably going to see an impressive high-end Nokia Android device pretty soon. I think HMD just took advantage of the CES 2017 stage to release their first Nokia phone. I don't think that if they had a high-end phone ready they would have released it in CES 2017, as you can see, most phone manufacturers aren't. I don't know the exact reason for this timing though. Let them start with mid-range, I really don't mind, as long as we are going to see a really impressive Nokia Android phone later on. I know, I'm hyped, but that's Nokia brand after all, and I'm nostalgic about everything Nokia and will me even more excited to see a high-end Android-based Nokia phone.
  • I just skipped the part in the press release where hmd said that this is just their first step and more to come in the first half of 2017, so I still have hope that we are going to see at least one more Android device, hopefully a high-end one with a amazing camera!!